On a grey summer's day, we drove 50km north of Reykjavik to the secluded fjord of Hvalfjörður, the “Whale Fjord”. Ones it connected Reykjavik to the north but after the construction of the 5.7km Hvalfjarðargöng tunnel finished, it faded from everyday use and became especially quiet and tranquil. 

This 50km coastal route is unique for its beauty with its shores, sloops, greenery, canyons and waterfalls. One of the highest waterfall of Iceland lies within one of the canyons with its whooping 198meter fall.

Hvalfjörður has quite the history as well. The fjord played a part as a naval base of the British and American navies during World War II, being perfectly located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

A common folk story of unknown age has its origin in Hvalfjörður, and is one of the theory for where the fjord got its name, involving an elf woman who transformed her human lover into an angry red-headed whale ("Rauðhöfði"), who subsequently lived in the fjord wrecking ships, as revenge for him refusing to acknowledge their child.

So it wouldn't come as a big surprise that we choice this fjord as our location for the Spring/Summer 2018 photoshoot, combining the most interesting attributes of Iceland, its unique landscape and its fascinating history.

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 Photographer: Ásta Sif Árnadóttir